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Meet the Beautiful Parents



Old English Sheepdog (OES)

Opal is a 2 year old AKC registered OES. She is healthy with no former health problems. She is genetically cleared through Embark. She weighs 80 pounds (pre-pregnancy). She has a great temperment and is very dedicated to her humans. Most of the day she is busy being a fuzzy rug wherever Mollie is until the evenings when wrestle time is on with Joel. She barks a few times to let us know if someone is at the door or is entering the house, but then quiets quickly on demand. She also barks excitedly to let us know she is ready for playtime. She does not run away from us when let out as she would rather stay near and tend to her family.


Standard Poodle

Sapper is a beautiful brown merle standard poodle. He is AKC registered and genetically cleared. He weighs 60 pounds.

Parents: Males
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